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HomeOK draws from our combined three decades of general contracting and home buying experience to provide extremely efficient structural and operational insights about your home. We specialize in checking: furnace & AC functionality, visible plumbing, moisture in walls, mold, water hammer, toilets, showers, doors & windows, attic condition (pest & environmental damage), crawlspace, exterior, and other red flags.

Your report will have a summary of all categories that were checked and photos of any potential issues and probable causes.

After you purchase a report and provide the MLS Id, our team will visit the home and email you the final report within 48 hours. There is nothing else for you to do – it’s that easy.

Is this a home inspection? No, this a technical home analysis.

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These guys’ turnaround was as advertised. They noticed things we never would have. Nice to get a professional opinion and have peace of mind.

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Furnace, AC, Fireplace
We report on Furnace, AC, and fireplace functionality.
Crawlspace & Exterior
We check the condition of crawlspace supports and insulation, as well exterior elements of windows, doors and walls.
Plumbing and Bathrooms
We check the condition of visible plumbing and all faucets, sinks and toilets.
Attic & Basement Condition
We report on the state of the attic and basement as it relates to visible environmental & pest damage. Moisture is measured in basement walls and other areas prone to mold growth.

Our goal is to give potential home buyers a professional second opinion on the technical and structural aspects of a home. We have done hundreds of general- and sub-contracting jobs and we have a strong grasp of the potential red flags and homeowner pain points.

Unsure or uncomfortable about certain features of a home? We are happy to help you.